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Here are some photos of my precious boy throughout various stages in his life.  He was always with me, or waiting for me by the door.  He only barked if there was a good reason and after growing out of the puppy stage when he chewed a leg on the dining room table, he never again caused any household destruction!  He loved laying in the grass in the sun, especially in the front yard where it was warmer.  He would lay on the warm pool deck in the summer while we swam just so he could be close.  He even rode on a raft with me but wasn't too fond of it!  He was happy as long as we were together, whether it was riding in the car, getting a bath, camping, or going for a walk.  There was not a mean bone in his body.  He loved his sister Bonnie greatly and was depressed for several months after she passed away in 2001.  But after some time, he became used to being an "only" dog.  He loved my children and was patient with him when they tried to ride him or pull him along.  He rode in the wagon on longer walks as he got older as well.  There was nothing this boy would not do or accept because he knew he was the subject of unconditional love.  He knew it every minute of his life, including his last minute of life.  He will forever be my little baby, my little Baxter boy.  He took part of me with him when he left this earth; I will never be the same.  He'll always be with me.  St. Agnes, I pray, take my little doggie as your lamb and watch over him.

Waiting for me outside my office -- he knew there was a cookie to be had!

Our crazy neighbors

Enjoying summertime!Our new house

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