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This website is dedicated to Baxter
(AKC name: “Circus Boy Baxter”)
April 8, 1993 - January 21, 2008

Welcome to Baxter's website. Baxter was born on April 8, 1993, lived a happy, care-free and loving life with his mommy, friend and caregiver Cathleen, until his death on January 21, 2008 (the feast of St. Agnes).  

Lay down little one; you’re in the hands of God.  Rest well sweet one; the earth has set you free.  Dearest Baxter, you gave so much joy to so many.  A proud champion, a mischievous little boy, a fighter of disease, a hider of cookies.  So calm, so kind, full of love. You gave goodness and love every day of your life.  You had only mirth for your life and your family.  So much love, so many cuddles and kisses.  Never a complaint or a burden.  Caring for you was a welcome obligation fueled by unconditional love.  You will never be forgotten.  My heart is heavy in missing your sweet face and funny little smile.  You will always be with me.  Your memory is sealed to me for the remainder of my days on earth.  Until we meet again little baby Baxter.  Know always you are loved.

"Stand in the sun
Shut your eyes and feel the world
It's changing every day
Goodbye my love
Each day will seem so long
Ooh there's so much I feel, that I can never say

I can't see you
I can't feel you anymore
I've just a memory of that open door."
excerpt from "Open Door" by Genesis

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